Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Want to Write Better Copy for Your Online Shop? Let a Seasoned Ad Exec Help You Out

This has nothing to do with the topic - I just like these earrings!
You might have noticed that I've changed the look of my blog.  For years I clung to the white-type-on-black-background look, which I find sexy and intriguing.  But I’m reading a book that’s changing the way I present my jewelry and my blog.  According to Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman (published 2008), reversing text (white letters on a black background) is a no-no.  Apparently it’s harder to read, and he cites research supporting this.  (Reversing text slows down reading speed and frustrates the reader.)  I zeroed in on his advice and decided to test it on my blog, hence the new format. 

Ca$hvertising is a goldmine for any online retailer.  It offers suggestions on such things as fonts (choose one with serifs, such as Times New Roman or Arial) and how to format headlines (initial caps).  I found the guidelines on how to write advertising copy particularly valuable – they made me laugh and look carefully at how I was presenting my jewelry.  Prior to now I’d never thought how I described my items made that much difference.  As an experiment, I focused on one item I was selling in my shop and described it as carefully and enticingly as possible.  I was astonished when I sold it for full asking price, almost immediately. 

A lot of his advice is not obvious – you could be sabotaging your efforts in any number of ways without realizing it, and your friends and clients won’t be able to tell you what you’re doing wrong.  Let a seasoned ad exec help you out. 

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