Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chain necklaces

I love a really nice chain necklace, and this love affair has prevailed for a good thirty years now.  I can remember the moment it began -- I was admiring a beautiful chain necklace a friend was wearing, and she said, airily, "oh, all of my artist friends notice this."  I think at that point I realized that I had strong visual ties to my environment.

I have recently decided to revisit my great love of chain jewelry, and here's an example for you (front and back of the same piece).  The gemstone is blue agate:

One of the benefits of making a huge, honking chain is that it can really stand up to huge, honking pendants! The coil connectors are made from 14-gauge black aluminum chain, alternating with pewter connectors.  Expect more of these ...

Have a great weekend!

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