Monday, December 10, 2012

Curb Chain's Sweeter, Sexier Side

I have wanted to make jewelry with REALLY BIG CHAIN for some time.  About six years ago I bought a length of stainless steel chain at the hardware store and  tried to make some jewelry with it.  It was pointless -- it was too heavy and I couldn't find a clasp that could stand up to it.  About a year ago I discovered aluminum curb chain, which to me is a dream come true -- this chain in particular is very large -- 14mm x 10mm -- yet extremely light.  I dig the whole "combining high with low" concept, so I enjoyed wire-wrapping it with peach freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and silver (zinc alloy) beads.  

The chain has a gunmetal finish and is 20 inches long, with a pewter toggle clasp.  This is another necklace that I can say was inspired by my nieces, who have taught me to always have fun, no matter what. Particularly with my jewelry!

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